My Desire

Dear Friend,

I desire that when people read my life, they hear the voice of Christ speaking to them and see His arms stretched out to them.

I desire that God’s word will reflect in every area of my life – my walk with Him, my academics, my finance, my relationships etc. That His principles will guide my dail living.

I desire that God’s laws be written on my mind (that I am able to commit it to memory) and in my heart (that i am able to meditate and it become a part of me). It should be engraved in me.

I desire that the Word written to us Christians will become written in us so that the world can read us and see Jesus.

I desire that my head knowledge of the Bible be translated to my heart as a second nature, so that God’s ways will be my desire. (ref: 2 Cor 3:1-3, Heb 8:7-13)

I desire to experience the joy of Heaven and live heaven on earth.

What is your desire today and for the coming year?

More peace? Greater happiness? A stronger faith?

I encourage you, God’s word says “seek and you will find…” Matt 7:7. If your heart is sincere and open to God, He will grant you fresh release of His presence so that your walk with Him can be enriched and your life glorious.


I wish you the best of this season.

Good morning,


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