These are gleanings from my devotion for you to mull over and consider…

Grace doesn’t affect the external physical conditions we experience every day, it affects you so you can be a Victor over the circumstances. Grace does not increase the number of hours you have in a day but it teaches you to maximize the little hours you have and then increases your productivity in it… under God… God’s grace today!

then a quote from someone I admire…

“The very best way to study the Bible is simply to read it daily with close attention and with prayer to see the light that shines from its pages, to meditate upon it, and to continue to read it until somehow it works itself, its words, its expressions, its teachings, its habits of thought, and its presentation of God and His Christ into the very warp and woof of one’s being.” – Dr. Howard A. Kelly (Professor of Gynecology at Johns Hopkins University from 1889 through 1940).

God bless,


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