How the Holy Spirit fires up ordinary men to live extraordinary lives.

How I wish we do not dangerously leave the operations of the supernatural to pastors and church leaders alone – to those that have been ‘called by God’ into ‘ministry’. But we do. And too often.

God wants all of us tooperate the level of the supernatural. His word is that He will pour out his spirit on “all flesh”. Joel 2:28. That means as many that come with a sincere heart will get a share of Himself.

If pilots, taxi cab chauffeurs, doctors, nurses, teachers, sailors, soldiers, students, politicians and Christians in all other professions operate a life of fullness of the Spirit, life will be much better.

Look at Stephen. If he lived next door or is my roommate, I will probably call him Steve. Steve was asked to be one of those, in our age, we will call welfare coordinators. To make sure that the material possessions donated by the members of the early church were equally distributed without bias between Grecians and Hebrews. To see to it that everything they had was shared in common and in love. He wasn’t asked to pray. Neither was He asked to teach the Word. He was asked to serve tables.

But see what the Holy Spirit did to Stephen’s life – when he agreed to operate in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Acts 6.

The Holy Spirit enarmoured him with wisdom. He was a wise guy. Honest. He was full of faith and power. And because of this, he did wonders and miracles among the people. A Welfare coordinator turned miracle worker, I hear you say. I disagree. It’s simply a cool Christian turned Holy Spirit-filled Christian.

Many of us are cool Christians. Too cool to spend hours in the place of prayer. We are too cool to jack up our faith level with the Word of God. Too cool to be Spirit- filled. Dangerously too cool.

God seeks men that will not cower away from the place of maturity. He needs children who will be responsible. Who understand the principles of the Kingdom and can defend it anytime. Who can touch lives and bring hope to the dying world. People who will cause transformation one person at a time.

God smiles at children who will desire and pursue a life of the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

Are you up to this challenge?


As you get ignited,


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