I posted this last year, but I’m reposting it again (with a few modifications) because it’s a timeless message you need to consider as 2012 rounds up.

Last year’s Christmas is a little bit disorganized, nonetheless, great Christmas at home. The house was being remodeled – new tiles for all floors, fresh paintwork, re-plastering of peeling walls, better drainage structure, new furniture and other utensils to replace old ones. We acquired a new gas burner and cabinets for the renewed kitchen. It was kind of dusty but nonetheless, joyful.

I heard my mum call the tiler that she wants all work finished before the New Year starts. The running around to get everywhere set and the whole revamping thing of the house made me think of my life as a person.

Socrates said “an unexamined life is not worth living”. But a greater Authority, God’s word says “see to it that you walk circumspectly…” Eph 5:15.

It’s good to evaluate our lives at every fresh moment or junction we get to in life. To examine how far we’ve gone and consider how to tackle what lies ahead is to be wise. As 2011 goes to an end, take stock and balance account: so you can start the New Year with a clearer head.

But more than a yearly evaluation is a daily one God delights in:
A house is a non living thing, so you can afford to renew it once a year or 2 years. But our lives… have to be renewed daily, for you to function at your best as a Child of God. Like taking our baths to stay refreshed and clean, we should be revamped daily. Before every new day starts, a good evaluation of the previous and a glimpse ahead will do a lot in reshaping our focus. Looking back to see how well you’ve lived, and ahead at what God has in store for you helps to make a decision of your next action.

When we use God’s Word as the mirror to redress, we are set for a better life. So think of revamps everyday!

As we look into 2013,

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