Hi, Welcome to 2013

This is a draft of a thought that crossed my mind as I was walking round the hospital grounds where I’m having my medical training. I’ve not so much of fleshed it, but I know it will be applicable to us this January, since we’re still at the year’s beginning.

Do you know that in the aviation industry, the most critical periods of air travel is the take-off of the plane and the landing? This is the period where the control terminal is most active, making sure that the plane taxis properly, lifts off the ground in good style and lands in its destination.

Same with surgery, it is in the intubation and extubation periods in anaesthesia that most complications do occur. The surgery is usually successful in itself. So proper pre-and post-operative management was the first topic we were taught in my first Surgery rotation.

This principle applys to our life. Our beginning and our end matters a lot. Many folks have disordered lives because their beginning was faulty. Many ventures close down because there was no workable continuity plan at the beginning.

So in short: Beginning is for planning and End is for evaluation.

God’s interested in your beginning as well as your end. The devil knows you’re your beginning is important, that is why he makes sure you have a very rough start so much that you spend the rest of life figuring out the pieces of your shattered past. Then he stays at the end of the year, to prevent you from making an evaluation for progress.

This year, He’s there to make sure that you do not get a good start. Be wary!

Do a quick, an evaluation of your life. Are you in congruence with the plan you made with God at the beginning of this year? Is your Are you living as Christ wants you to?

Okay, even if it’s like you’re making a mess of things right now, though you’ve had a rough start, you can find a new beginning in God, and live a life that will end well. Thanks to God who has given you a new beginning in Christ. When you fall, rise again! But you know, you don’t necessarily have to fall if you keep yielding moment by moment to God. 1 Peter 2:21

How the aircraft people and surgeons do this is to know what will make a successful ride or surgery, take precautions, be aware of the pitfalls, learn how to overcome them.

Apply these same principles to your life – Discover what God’s will for you is and make plans to achieve it (Ephesians 5:15-17). Grow in knowledge of what God wants you to do, and what it takes to achieve success in life, then go for it.

Identify and avoid the pitfalls, Take heed lest you fall. Pray and commune with the Holy Spirit at all times. You will experience GRACE all through this year.

Above all, be calm for the master is with you. Math 14:27.
Never take your eyes off Jesus for any length of time,

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