My letter to Jesus after reading a book on compassion:Image

Dear Jesus,

You moved with people of all races, characteristics and social status. You worked among them, ate with them, taught them and touched each one’s life and you brought transformation because of your compassion: your love for them. (John 15:13). Those that had unlikable habits/way of life, you patiently brought them to God.

I am not compassionate as you are, Lord. I love my family dearly. I also love my friends and people generally and I can give my all to help someone in need. But you know, Lord, I have this bad attitude:

At times, I just find it difficult to like some people. Especially people that do bad things or have habits that irritate me. Some live their life in a way that doesn’t agree with the principles I stand by. Let me say they are just so plain unlikeable.

I want to touch people’s lives too and bring real transformation to them like you did to the whole world even till today. And I’ve discovered that compassion is the key to bringing real connection and change in the lives of people.

I am afraid that this attitude of mine will affect my relationships – what happens when one person I love begins to behave badly? Will I love them enough to stick around and help the person? Or it will affect my impact in the world – will I be compassionate enough to help people know you?

Please dear Lord, cut away the dead, insensitive tissue within me. Transplant your sorrow and compassion to this cold heart of mine. Awaken new sensitivity in me to people’s concerns and needs. Help me care about them the way you care about them.

Thank you, Jesus. Amen.

Will you say the same prayer today?

P.S.:True compassion is exemplified by Christ. John 11:35

I encourage you to read this fairy old book, Terminal Mercy by Ed Stewart, if you can.

Grace through this month,


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