Wot does it mean to really follow Jesus?
We sit in church and talk about following Christ, we even sing songs about it…
But are we really folowing his example?

Will u take bribes just to pervert justice.
Will you use your God given talents in a way to lead young people astray?
Will you abandon God’s work at a crucial time because of your own challenges?
Will you throw someone out so you could make an extra buck?
Will you neglect God’s instruction just to cheat and get an A in the test?
Or will you let the light of Christ flow through you to the dark world?

When u re going tru terrible challenges and tough situations, ask yourself this question: what would Jesus do?

One thought on “What would Jesus Do?

  1. This was a popular phrase years ago but it really has depth to it. If we base our words and actions based on what Jesus would do rather than what we would do, we are sure to show His love to others. Thanks for reminding me of this great phrase! Blessings.


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