From Here to there: Birthday Thanksgiving

You thought me out, knew me uniquely, and formed me in my mother’s womb.

I imagine you setting a date for my conception and birth and there was no mistake about it. You predetermined my destination – Earth – and the country in which I will be born – that works perfectly in your plan.

You had it all in mind and you spoke me into being. You gave me a purpose to fulfill but I couldn’t grasp it yet. I had to grow.

I figured you smiled when I was weaned off my primitive reflexes and you helped me say my first word (I don’t know what it was), you helped me take my first steps in life and then when I was wise enough, led me to the faith, helping my toddler-steps firm on the rock: Christ.

I remember the start of the walk – the zeal and the ignorance all clashing against each other, and when I stumbled as a toddler in life and in the faith, how you held my hands and walked with me through the vale of the shadows of innocence, exuberance and unwise decisions. You still do, now many years later.

You made me discover confidence in the Word of Your grace and the power of Your Spirit.

I have walked some with a God that delights in picking up pieces of people from the miry clay and setting them up on the solid rock.

I have grown to know the God who has a bright and beautiful plan for His children.

I have a God who longs for relationship and communion and showers blessings upon diligent seekers.

I have known the One who spared not His son but gave Him to die for my sins. How much more won’t He freely release all things I need?

I have a living God- the God of peace who has been my help in ages past and my hope in years to come!

My love, my King, my Saviour, my Lord.

I don’t have all the answers, but I have THE answer, and it’s enough for me.

I figure I have not learnt all that there is – I believe there is more.

I have discovered that it is not he who runs swiftly, but him who finishes strong.

I know that He is taking me to that place he predestinated me to get to – conformity to the full stature of Christ.

I don’t have all I want in this world, my possessions are few, but I have all I need and I’m content with Him.

And he has blessed me with beautiful people, some of who are reading this piece right now. I love you.

I don’t know what my future holds, but I know Him who holds my future and He’s already here, working my way from here to there.

I know who I am – I am a son – a heir.


And for all these and more, I give thanks this day!


Author: Toluwanimi

Toluwanimi believes young people can do great things with their lives. “Give them wings; watch them soar,” He always says. He is a physician by training and a budding behavioral scientist with a keen interest in child and adolescent health and development. Having worked with teenagers for over a decade, he loves to study and practice evidenced-based methods of inspiring positive behavioral change. His current project, GrandHeights, aims to provide resources and mentorship connections that inspire and empower young people to realize their life’s full potential despite negative circumstances around them. He plans to develop an establishment that will conduct research, develop effective strategies that will impart hope, empowerment, and refuge for youth and families in at-risk situations. He also believes creativity can be a transformative tool and through his start-up, Missionary Creatives, he helps nonprofits tell their stories and develop strategies to drive growth.

2 thoughts on “From Here to there: Birthday Thanksgiving”

  1. Happy birthday, dear. You keep growing in grace. The path of your life keeps shinning brighter and brighter until the perfect day. I love you…


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