If you did check the Quick Guide page, I wrote about Snippets Page which is short for SNIPPETS from the vine: few words that resonate significance.

In life, we come across invaluable lessons in our everyday life and walk with God – That little prompt or that one verse of scripture that wafted through your mind when you sat silently at school, that still small voice, that important lesson from the story your colleague at work shared with you – the ones you felt God was tugging at your heart.

I think these things ought to be recorded and churned over carefully, bit by bit, applied and shared with others.

So I will, by God’s grace, frequently post quotes, thoughts, illustrations, pictures, journal entries and clips of inspirations, reflections and prayers from my walk with God.

It will be available on the home page as a regular post, and also on the Snippet page [but will be replaced each time a new one comes in]. You will find old posts on the blog archive though.

I hope that by it you will be encouraged in your mind and spirit.


Service to God, working in Church, finding out and doing God’s will has always been a struggle for me. It’s either I don’t want to do it, or I want to but the strength isn’t there, or I get tired easily. Until recently I discovered a secret: Service and sacrifice is easier when it flows out of my functional communion and love-relationship with God and not a compulsion or duty mind set. When I grow closer to God, know Him and love Him, I naturally want to serve. So I designed this wallpaper to illustrate my point. Enjoy!

Me and my Father [God]
Me and my Father [God]

Me and My Father [God] plain
Me and My Father [God] plain
PS: For more info on SNIPPETS, check the SNIPPETS page

Again, feel free to save these images and share! Spread the Word! And make your comments on the comments section below. Blessings.

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