Can good deeds make you acceptable to God?

You can’t assess how good a man is by his good deeds because you don’t know the motive behind those actions. A woman may seem so pleasant and nice to her step-daughter and make every one think she’s a good person until she decides it’s time to poison the little girl’s food – then truth is revealed that it’s all a façade.

Or how do you balance the bad things people do with the great ones? Will philanthropy cancel out murder? Will you advice a father, whose only daughter was killed by a careless drunk, against pursuing charges because this same driver has also assisted his brother [and many others] in getting a job?

Do you say but murder is a great thing! Okay, which is weightier: generosity vs corruption? Marital infidelity vs Gentleness?

We would have a twisted justice system if we operated like that.

If we would not operate our justice system like this, why do we expect God to do less? We want to come to God presenting our medals of honour – the great things – thinking probably they will outweigh our terrible mess ups.

At times, we even brandish good motives as excuses for our bad actions… Isn’t that unfair?

Can good deeds cross out bad ones?

You see, it can’t because: Every man is inherently selfish and has no capacity to continue to do good in himself – he is weak. Jer 17:9, Gen 6:5

You can’t gain acceptance of God by doing good any more than a dirty cloth can wash itself. He would rate us all UNACCEPTABLE. Our good deeds will not get us anywhere! Eph 2:9

You need something or someone higher than you to help!

And as you would wash a dirty cloth yourself, God can make you clean [forgive your bad deeds] and also grant the ability to do good deeds always. He made the provision before you were born:

While we were yet in weakness [powerless to help ourselves], at the fitting time Christ died for (in behalf of) the ungodly. Rom 5:6 [AMPLIFIED]

He can save you by His grace [unmerited favour] when you believe in Him. This isn’t any more of your striving, but is the gift of God [paid by Christ’s blood]. It is not a result of good deeds so that no one would boast.

Through Jesus Christ, God can create you a new masterpiece – give you a new life that will be able to do good deeds which He prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. Eph 2:8-10

Why not accept his offer – and take it all in today?


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