I’m working presently on the release of the HeirWalk digest [issue 8]. It will soon be available in both Print and e-version.. very soon.

I read genesis today in my Bible and picked snippets of lessons from the life of Abraham, the father of nations. Two are these: 

1. Looking Up
Both Lot and Abraham looked up, but what Lot did by himself, Abraham did as an instruction from God. It’s not about what you do [that will make an impact or difference], but who tells you to do it. Genesis 13:10,14

2. One with God is a majority
Five kings fought against four kings but could not defeat them… But one man with 318 servants fought against four kings and defeated them. What great things God does with few men! God doesn’t need a troop to work, He needs a willing few! Genesis 14

These is one of the witnesses in Hebrews 12: I had better run my race!
How about you?

NB: If you want a digital version of the digest to be delivered to your email inbox, just put your email in the comment section… Thanks a lot… Connect, learn, grow and shine!


In Christ,


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