DO YOU LIKE SLEEP? Did you identify your posture from the above? Are you laughing at yourself in this picture? While it is good to sleep, there is a type of sleep that is deadly!

Awake: Sleeping Giants is a call to living the abundant Life that fully enjoys God’s promises. Can we fully enjoy all of God’s promises in this our present world?

God wants us to get the very best of Him: He wants to see the infallible words he has spoken become real in our lives.

AWAKE means: To come out of natural sleep; to rouse up from spiritual sleep; to raise from the dead; to be fully aware of something, alert and vigilant about what is going on around you.

What happens when we who are supposed to operate in divine health are at the mercy of our medications. Or we who are to stand up and turn tables around are subject to some anti-God laws? Where is the authority then?

If we who are supposed to know more than our teachers struggle to pass our exams? Or we who are meant to carry God’s strength get easily burnt out by stress.

Or we who are the righteousness of God struggle to keep our heads above the wallowing pool of iniquity?

You are a Giant: be aware of your identity in God and of His will for your life!

Be aware of the benefits, provisions, authority and strength your salvation offers you and how you can utilize these blessings to live a righteous, victorious and adventurous Christian life.

Rise up from mediocrity to responsibility, to fulfill the demands that your son-ship or daughter-ship confers on you.

You will become effective in the world when you become effective with God (your personal walk with God).

God says today: Awaken today!

POSER: What does God want you to awake to?



Scriptures: Ephesians 5:13-14, Daniel 11:32, Judges 5:12

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