People sitting out their lives in the dark saw a huge light;

Sitting in that dark, dark country of death, they watched the sun come up.

– Matthew 4:16 


Imagine that there’s nothing like the sun. Imagine all we had was darkness. Or night.

Terrible, right? Some of us can’t even imagine a day without the light.

But, you know, it wouldn’t be that bad because we would be used to it. We wouldn’t know that we are missing a lot. The beauty of a sunrise or setting. We wouldn’t appreciate colours much. The mix up: blue will look like green, yellow like orange, even with a light bulb.

But then, it would be normal.

In the dark, evil would be normal. Mistakes would be normal. Excuses would be normal. It would be normal for young people to mess up. It would be normal for low lifers to blame their disadvantaged backgrounds. It would be normal, and that normal is dangerous.

But when light comes, we begin to discover what we missed this while. Flowers. The types of insect flying around. Blue from green. Yellow from Orange. Only in light can we appreciate beauty.

And Life.

They say the dawning of day makes us forget the horrors of the night. I agree. And then we appreciate truth. Guidance and direction in life.

Christmas is usually symbolized in our world by pine trees, ornaments, decorations, gifts, and lights. Yes. Lights. People put up lights of various sizes and colours which blink on and off according to the rhythm of the music.

Now light is here.

Christmas celebrates when God put up a light once and for all to illuminate the dark world .

John 1:4 – In him there was life, and that life was the light of all people. [NCV]

But many people still evade this light – they still prefer to walk in the dark. They still make bad choices. They are still deceived and disappointed in relationships. They still fail in life. They are still tormented with sin, pain and have no hope. They still chase money and all things that cannot fill. They refuse to come to this LIGHT.

Are you one of them?

Love came down to change the world forever. Stop groping in the dark. Stop chasing after what does not satisfy. The LIGHT is the celebrant who mostly gets left out of his own birthday.

Who is this light we are talking about?

He is Jesus Christ the saviour of the world. He came from heaven, lived, died and rose again to give us life.

Have you met him?


More to come tomorrow: Cheers!


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