A statement of Hope when God seems far away

 The feeling of being deserted by the one who has been trusted is the darkest and most difficult experience for a believer.

A failure. Ill health. Loss of a loved one. Disappointment.These situations seem to take someone down a path I would call the dark night of the soul. Here, people feel abandoned by God.They now have no visible reason to celebrate Christmas. Challenges have pushed them to the limits of their faith – they have called on God but He seems to be far away – and they consider letting go.

Wait! Please take one last peek into Psalm 10:1-18. Read it carefully. That’s David passing through similar situation.

Psalm 10:1 – Lord, why are you so far away? Why do you hide when there is trouble? [NCV]

It seems rather strange that the Godwho promises His children that He will never leave us or forsake us sometimes allows us to experience a sense of abandonment. Theologians sometimes speak of this as the ‘hiddenness of God’. It is one thing to feel that God has withdrawn His presence because of some known and unconfessed choice, but it is quite another to feel that He has withdrawn himself in explicably.

If we know God has withdrawn himself because of our sin that is a matter of confessing it asking for and receiving divine forgiveness, certain that when we have done so we will experience the nearness of His presence once again. But if we do not know why He has withdrawn Himself then how can we ensure that we feel His presence once more? This is the dark dilemma in which God’speople have sometimes found themselves.

Blessed are they who will not let go in the dark what they have found in the night. CWR

Judging by Psalm 10, the psalmist seems to have gone through this experience. Yet by the time he ends the psalm he is affirming that the fact that God does see trouble and grief and is a father to the fatherless. There must be some deep divine purpose in an experience such as this. It is perhaps to test whether or not we trust God in the dark, if we walk by faith and not by sight? If it is then the psalmist appears tohave made that translation.

Our Saviour, Jesus, passed through his own moment of feeling forsaken by God, but see what resulted – our salvation. God was working behind the scene to make available our redemption. Maybe God’s working behind the scene to produce far more glorious in your life. Mark 15:34. Take courage in this for very soon, there will come your moment of glory.

Psalm 10:14 – But you see the trouble and the distress, and you will do something. The poor can count on you, and so can orphans. [CEV]

Please do not let go in the darkness what you have discovered in the glow and realization of God’s divine presence. Take the Psalmist’s translation. It will be well with you. Amen.

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