Facebook always asks me what’s on my mind? there is always something on our minds as human beings… but what is it?
Is it really the posts we place on our wall? is it really the pictures we post or the status updates?
I think what’s on our minds is deeper than that: We’re tired of the rat race. Of the low life: empty on the inside despite being full and garnished on the exterior. I think what’s on our mind is how to get out of the busy but unfulfilled life. And that is what I’m writing about today.

God gave it. The angels declared it. The shepherds published it and mankind is to receive it – THE PEACE, JOY AND GOODWILL THAT CAME THROUGH CHRIST.

Hope comes!Hallelujah!
Have you received Him?

Merry Christmas!

Heirwalk 10 is here: heirwalk 10


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