I’m supposed to be studying hard for my exams – that’s less than a week away. But here am I, my histopathology textbook and notes staring at me and my laptop opened in front of me. I can’t resist my laptop, so I open Microsoft word and pour the words through the keys.

I’m thinking of kids.

Oh, did I hear you say kids?

Yeah, K-I-D-S. Though someone said they are not kids but children. Yeah, but kids remind me of the frolicking minis gamboling around the room. Last Christmas, I took time off and went on a retreat across the Niger. At my uncle’s house – what a retreat. He’s got two beautiful children. Of all I experienced on the trip and my holiday, the most remarkable was the lessons I learnt from my little cousins – I must say this because it’s burning within me. I love kids.

i love kids

They are innocent.

They are simple.

They do not really have their own agenda [they hold onto every ‘mummy says we are going to the cinema today,’ and look forward to it]

They are obedient.

They act naughty at times, but when you correct them, they sincerely apologize [yes, my cousins do anyway].

They can turn the room upside down but with good intentions [they just want to play and explore]

They believe every bit of what you say.

They don’t want to offend you.

They point me to the kind of character God wants me to have, and I can summarize the points in this scripture:

Then he said, “I tell you the truth, you must change and become like little children. Otherwise, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.  – Mat 18:3 [NCV]

Ponder on this verse, what does this mean to you?

Thanks for learning from HeirWalk. I’m going back to my books!


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