Hello friend,

Today, I designed a little image to depict what HeirWalk stands for… just as a reminder to you. Here:

heirwalk creed

So as you see, the purpose of the post in HeirWalk is summed up in these four words: Connect. Learn. Grow. Shine.

I figure the best thing that can happen to you in your life’s journey is to find God and the abundant life He offers. So, I have put up HeirWalk Blog and print/digital digest to stimulate you to connect to God, the source of all life. First. Then you learn from Him about Himself, his beautiful plan for your life and the adventure He has set before you with all the benefits and responsibilities. You also learn about yourself and even how this life works. While this goes on, you will grow in wisdom and knowledge. Then it’s certain you will shine in life and eternity.

But you do not pick one and discard the others. It’s not one of these: it’s all of these working together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The four has to run together. Keep connecting, keep learning, keep growing, keep shining! It’s a race, a journey, a flight!

So as you look through HeirWalk blog or digest, ask yourself what each of the stories, articles, illustrations etc teach you about these four steps – Connecting to God, Learning from God, Growing in God, and shining in life.

I hope I have given you a little perspective to things. Thank you for reading to this point.

By the way, I have posted a new article on the eatyourdonut blog I put up for my new book coming soon. You can check it here: Donut.


P.S.: HeirWalk 11 is still available by clicking here



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