Burn the chaff and reignite your passion


I have been recouping at home but my mind has been very busy and my spirit ever alive.

This morning, I woke up to hear my mum praying. .. a practice she has kept for as long as I can remember…
While I struggled with my neck collar and residual pains, I managed to start praying.
But I couldn’t keep awake. Well this was largely due to d fact that i needed to rest.

When I woke up, her friend came visiting and my mum offered her food.  She declined saying “after I woke up at three and prayed, I had a stomach upset…”

As I had my quiet time,
I picked it in my spirit: “these women are nearing their sixties yet they kept cherishing the sweet fragrance of consistent communion. No wonder their lives will ever be examples…”

I say, we young people are finding it difficult to maintain the glow in our spiritual lives. We are prone to easily  lose steam…
This is a crucial time in our lives-strength,  energy, enthusiasm burgeons from within.
But there are many weights,  preferences and besetting sins tripping  us up.

Please burn the chaff and reignite your passion for God.

Our generation is taking over the platform.  What shall we offer posterity?

When shall we innovative,  when shall we lead, when shall we offer impact to the world?

We are plagued by ‘necessary distractions’, comfort, lassitude and half-heartedness. When will we wrench ourselves?  And gain freedom?

God has got great exploits in store for you… when shall you begin to walk in purpose?

Start strong!
Do not lose steam!
Discard weights and besetting sins!
Discover Gods will. Eph5:15-17
Run with patience!


As you get angry,

Babarinde Joshua Toluwanimi

Nb: share your desperation, anger or resolutions about the donut life of emptiness!

Author: Toluwanimi

Toluwanimi believes young people can do great things with their lives. “Give them wings; watch them soar,” He always says. He is a physician by training and a budding behavioral scientist with a keen interest in child and adolescent health and development. Having worked with teenagers for over a decade, he loves to study and practice evidenced-based methods of inspiring positive behavioral change. His current project, GrandHeights, aims to provide resources and mentorship connections that inspire and empower young people to realize their life’s full potential despite negative circumstances around them. He plans to develop an establishment that will conduct research, develop effective strategies that will impart hope, empowerment, and refuge for youth and families in at-risk situations. He also believes creativity can be a transformative tool and through his start-up, Missionary Creatives, he helps nonprofits tell their stories and develop strategies to drive growth.

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