I have been cautious not to be too preachy on this blog, because I have no right to be. The thoughts I share are done in love, because Someone also shared them with me.

Few years ago, I read a book and extracted some lines from it. Here on snippets, I will share it today. be blessed.

The Bible reveals Jesus, who alone has the power to change lives. The Spirit of God uses the Word of God to change hearts.

Throughout the scriptures those who have had a clear understanding of the will of God for their lives have been passionate lovers of the Bible. If you are often too busy to spend time reading the word of God, it is probable that you will have to take time out to unravel problems that might never have occurred had you developed sensitivity to God’s voice as a result of setting time aside to listen to Him.

I have no hesitation in saying that the voice of God and the direction of the Holy Spirit is likely to come through most easily and most clearly to those whose mind has been tuned into the divine wavelength by the reading and study of the scriptures.

All I know is that the more closely I communicate with God in prayer, and the more time I spend with Him reading His Word, the more receptive my heart is to divine prodding and leadings.

Selwyn Hughes (cwr)
Dave Branon (rbc)

Have a great Day,

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