Hello friend (surprised I said friend?). Here is the final installment for the three-part series on the exploration of what “delight” means. Read through carefully and let the words strike a chord in your heart.

in case you missed the first two parts, just click here (part one) and here (part two).

Shoot to part Three 

Jonathan takes the spear [20:33]

Jonathan was willing to risk his life for David. If not for his martial art experience in ducking, he would have been pinned by his jealous father’s javelin. But question is: in matters relating to the welfare of your friends, can you risk your life for them?


Jonathan could do anything for David [20:4]

How could he? Because their hearts knit up. In this we see David’s desire became Jonathan’s desire. That is what delighting in someone can do! When God’s desire becomes your desire and your desire resembles His, you know that you are delighting in Him.


One thing about David [20:41]

As they prepared to part ways, we seem these friends kissed one another and wept together but David more so.

Delight resonates in the hearts of the receiver. The Davids in your life are touched by your sheer delight in them. Your spouse loves you greatly and deepens his or her commitment to you. Your friends are eternally grateful and seek ways to repay you. God’s heart is touched and he showers more providence. It is a principle that no one resists love or delight.

Go in peace

And aren’t you happy when there in peace and blessedness in your life? That is what it means by the phrase “May the peace of God rule your hearts and minds…” 

This article is by no means complete, but I have chosen to share this article with you – I hope you will mull over it and let these words sink into your whole being, producing the fruit that God desires and that will make you happy: fulfillment.

You can study more about this theme: “delight in God”, and let it be your life.

Happy new week,


DONUT cover_convert

P.S.: Donut, the young adult interactive non-fiction book I am working on is now in the press. Yay! Dream coming true! Please do pray along and check the blog (eatyourdonut.wordpress.com) for updates on the progress of the book. I hope to reach 1000 teenagers (for a start) with the timely message of secrets to a fulfilled life after it is released in the Core Campaign. Show your support – request for the motif by sending an email to joshuababarinde@gmail.com.

You can Pray. Give. Go.

God bless you.

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