What’s up with Donut

“What’s up with Donut?”

Over a meal. In a call or a whatsapp chat. On face to face encounters.

That question always chimes a chord in my heart. People have heard me speak. Or read my posts and blogs. Some have financially supported me. They have heard the guy who shared that he has a heart for young people and that God has given inspiration to write a book that will transform their lives. They,have put in time, prayer, gift or money to this Vision.

Now they are asking for the delivery of the vision.

I am encouraged and as well challenged by statements like these. They remind me that when a person speaks, people take him serious until he gives them reason not to.

My prayer today is that Gods vision in my heart will not grow dim: That I will deliver all God wants me to for this generation and die empty.

Dnt forget to Appreciate the God who involves man in His grand plan.




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Your journey with this vision in absolutely encouraging and fortifying. Praying that the Holy Spirit truly guides your wings.

    1. Joshua says:

      Than you very much.
      I do benefit from your posts too.
      Keep flying!

    2. Joshua says:

      the book is out.

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