In sharing this article from the blog of my new book, Donut. You can visit the blog here

Since the book, Donut, was released last week, I have received encouraging comments from people who have read it during the previous edits. The hard copy came out pretty fine.

Its matte laminated cover with spot and raise has flaps on either side. the clear colour illustrations came out well on the glossy paper and the prints were fine. those who have handled it say it’s “quality.” I thank God for that, and I know that the best is yet to come. Thank you all!

As I said earlier, EatyourDonut will feature details of the launch and distribution of the book to young people that are already anticipating it. It’s an online community for the young people who will “Eat their Donut” and step into fullness. It will feature forum-starter discussion topics, comments, feedback from readers, news about the distribution tours/campaigns, testimonies and upcoming plans/follow-up strategies.

So, first, the book will be formally launched on Sunday, 21st December 2014 at the Alexander Brown Hall of the prestigious University College Hospital, Ibadan. It will be a closed-event where stakeholders of the project will appreciate God for the publishing of the book and commission the project for the “field”.


Updates and pictures of the event will be put up as soon as they are ready. Kindly pray along.




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