As we close twenty fourteen…

I want to share with you what I’ve learnt in 2014. It has been an adventure-with both its exhilarating and scary moments…

Please note:
When the words in scripture were written, there were no scriptural references because they were being lived. When we read scripture, God’s intention is that we live the words – so I will not add scripture verses to this post, but know that that these words are firmly embedded on the bedrock of scriptures and the Holy spirit, and the power of a testimonial life.

Here are they:

The importance of a word from God for every phase of your life cannot be over-emphasized. Listen to it and run with it.

When a wound heals, it won’t be painful anymore.

There are Divine interruptions – approach them in faith as a gift from God.

Little is big when God is in it.

God’s word never fails- He always keeps his part of the covenant.

Never back down from your God-given dreams.

When God gives a vision, there will surely be a provision for it. God-work is done by God-strength. Trust Him.

When you remember the last point, know that it is time to keep your part.

Accidents happen, but what will come out of it? Will it be to God’s glory.


If the dream God has placed in your heart or an assignment He asks you to do, or a life He calls you to live is achievable by your sheer strength, then it’s not from God.

Risk: every life of purpose has this word in his/her didictionary.
You may not the see the whole map or pathway stretched out before you, but make sure you follow the Guide and watch out the milestones and road signs.

There is something like Destiny links-people God Will bring your way to help you to take a further step into Destiny. Watch out for them!

When God says He makes things beautiful in His own time, He isn’t kidding. He will do it in HIS own time. Not yours.

God knows how to clear our flops when we place them in his hands.

Fear and the devil will always be present at every decision point in your life, especially when big things are at stake. God doesn’t drive away the spectators and witnesses. They just shouldn’t make the decisions for you. Always remember that they are not the stakeholders.

You are not always high up there! There are low points… But just make sure you are not out there.

It’s not only about the big days and the phenomenal events, the in-between days matter too… Those quiet days when nothing big seems to be happening. Always that those days are preparatory periods- don’t joke with them.

Everything may not happen the way you want it, but God promises they will work out for good (His purpose).

God’s got your best interest at heart. You can fall forwards.

Keep hope alive- ours doesn’t disappoint.



Author: Toluwanimi

Toluwanimi believes young people can do great things with their lives. “Give them wings; watch them soar,” He always says. He is a physician by training and a budding behavioral scientist with a keen interest in child and adolescent health and development. Having worked with teenagers for over a decade, he loves to study and practice evidenced-based methods of inspiring positive behavioral change. His current project, GrandHeights, aims to provide resources and mentorship connections that inspire and empower young people to realize their life’s full potential despite negative circumstances around them. He plans to develop an establishment that will conduct research, develop effective strategies that will impart hope, empowerment, and refuge for youth and families in at-risk situations. He also believes creativity can be a transformative tool and through his start-up, Missionary Creatives, he helps nonprofits tell their stories and develop strategies to drive growth.

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