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I do not know what this post will do to you, but muse on it, and share your feedback. Love to hear it.

Great people didn’t just happen to be great. In fact,  many were born physically “imperfect.” And most retained that tinge throughout their lives…

But they just had a larger than life encounter that wrecked them out of their comfort zone and infused into them a passion that consumed them so much that they were willing to take many risks in realizing it, and they became changed in the process.

Many weren’t refined and presentable (clean shaven or smooth skinned as many would prefer them to be) so they were treated with subtle contempt. Many didn’t have it all figured out, but were just living by faith, which angered many more people. Their lives were just too “edge of the cliff” windy.

Many of them made mistakes in the process of learning, which people saw – and didn’t even tag these people great until after they were dead.

Many were not materially high statured, but they fulfilled the well of purpose deep within.

And God gave them a thumbs up!



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2 thoughts on “Muse in this

  1. Yeah,nobody was born great, some just saw a cause greater than them and pursue it with their lives. How I wish we all know that attached to each and every lives touched by this larger cause,are generations yet unborn. The greatest undoing of our time is the equation of wealth to greatness.
    Oh,what can be more soothing than the master’s eventual thumbs up.
    Nice piece, sir. Really made my morning.I feel I have gotten a blog to follow.More of God’s grace.

    1. Thank you Tolulope.
      Please share with others.
      Post on your social media outlets.

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