I wrote this article as an original journal entry, but I saw it this morning and felt to share it with you, writer, reading this blog.


As I seat before my laptop, hands positioned on the keyboard, I do not know what to write.

I’ve learnt some skills of the craft and armed with the structure of a story: I know about the SCOOP method, the Content-craft-connection method and many others, I have practiced grammar.
My teachers in the craft have hammered into my subconscious that a writer should write everyday.

I want to but find myself not being faithful to that creed.

And I ask myself, why?

I’m the only one in the room, but I hear a voice tell me: the secret to write meaningful words everyday is to live a meaningful life everyday.

I think I understand:
When I just exist – barely get by the day – I do not live meaningful.

When I do not really learning anything new, when I do not interact with people or at least the characters flying through my head, when I do not walk few steps more into the uncharted territory of my life, I do not have words to write.

The principles I weave into my story receive meaning when I’ve lived it or at least learnt it. The characters come to life when they reflect me or someone real. I portray forgiveness when I know what it feels to be offended or forgiven.
My writing makes sense when I live a life that makes sense.

My readers learn from my write ups when they are real.

When I write from my heart, the words move with the spirit and touch the hearts of my readers.

But, now, 10:28am, I ask God to help me.
My writing is as important as my life. It hangs on it.

Written on 12/05/2013

Joshua Babarinde

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