I’ll call him Allen.

I grew fascinated at the semblance in the way he handled the almond and held it to his mouth. I had to capture Him with my camera-  I didn’t want to miss his facial expression…

Yet, he can’t be like US. Because He isn’t one of us… he’s an ape, not human. He can’t be intelligent as to be held responsible for his actions or to ride a car and run at family sanely.

Thanks to “the dawn of the planet of apes,” I almost thought he had the deep cephalic characteristics of man.

But I tapped myself back to reality. Nah. He doesn’t. It’s not in his gene.

An ape will always be an ape.

It reminds me of people who look so much like we, who believe that Jesus is the only way to God, do. They may dress like us. Carry themselves like us and act like us… but if the gene of the Son is not in them, it can’t work.

But truth is, they can all come… they just need to believe.

Come, Let me take you to my elder brother.


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