Here’s one creative tip for the Easter weekend.

“Part of being a good writer is being spiritually and emotionally healthy.”

Maybe for others, who write to non-humans, it doesn’t matter. But for me, And others who desire to keep writing about the deep things of life to an audience of humans, it’s the first thing that matters. More than what how-to-write books, manuals on grammar or textbooks of Elements of style can do.

Many years ago, when I started writing, I was only concerned about crafting beautiful words that cause readers to ask for more and also wonder how great the author behind the words is. Thank God, I didn’t churn out any major work with that mindset.

Now, I realize for any meaningful and eternally significant writing, you need to acknowledge your humanity.

What do I mean?

No writer has a smooth sail in life. There are triumphs and trials. Bad habits. Virtues. Struggles. Strengths. Weaknesses.

I’m beginning to discover that writers are also human beings who may be shy, Or extroverted. They may have intra-family feuds, fell pain, and joy. Both encouragement and disappointments happen to them. They make poor choices at times. They experience both the good and bad.

Yet, they are called to write. And write, they know they must.

Sometimes you write as an authority or therapist on life matters. Other times, you write as a witness who just happens to know how to frame the words. Most times, its the latter.

Either way, you aren’t detached from your writing. It reflects you-emotionally and spiritually.

And because of this, God doesn’t  leave writers clueless. He shows up each day we invite him to work. He is the muse. He infuses the writer with life, empowers him or her to live the life for the work to pulsate with life.

And the work will reflect what response a writer has to the Muse. Live and write = impact. Any other benefit may be added later.

So much for my babbling… but… Isaiah 50:4-5 says it in clearer terms.

Still I see writing as bleeding onto a blank page.

Will your blood be worth it?


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