He stood at the edge of the cliff, ready to plunge.

As he heard the rushing sound of waters below crashing against smoothened rocks, he knew it was his destiny to plunge into the deep possibilities the future held. But looking back at the two lions which snarled at him, one weak and bleeding from the javelin wound and the other stamping furiously some metres away, he knew he had to slay them before earning the right to plunge.

He felt a huge relief having been able take down one. That one had aimed for his jugular but he caught it by the breast, and stroked it with the mini javelin he held. Few minutes earlier.

Now, with blood-stained hands, holding a fresh javelin, there was a conquest. No referees, many spectators. But none made a sound.

He was scared at the ferocity of the second prey. That must die too.
It was a defining moment for him… the struggle of the past seven years finally coming to bear. Or not. Depends on the winner of the battle.

Thoughts of past mistakes and triumph flooded his mind, as he contemplated his next move. Eventually, he decided to exhale and trust.

As he charged for the second beast, he stumbled over a stone…


Clifford opened his eyes.

The room was dark above but dimly illuminated below the table: as he wiped sweat and drool form his face, he bent to pick up the reading lamp he had toppled.

He straightened the page of the textbook before him, looked up at the clock and realized it was just an hour to the last paper of his final exams as an undergraduate.


MOrale behind this flash fiction:
Everyone faces challenges in life. Except you’re not from our planet. Challenges that come from decision points in life, new phases of life, family relationships, your spititual journey, work or examinations! And at times, these might seem as ferocious as ravenous beasts, poised to destroy your peace.
Do not fear, you have a God that empowers you with strength for life’s challenges. He can do it. He will do it. All you need do is to trust and obey. Happy New week!


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