Here’s a little piece on an issue I’m quietly passionate about. It’s not quite a typical controversial issue but has so much relevance to our joy and fulfillment as humans. Enjoy!

There is a God-shaped void in the heart of man that no human or material can fill. There is also a kind of “human-shaped void” that even God will not fill.

While man had a perfect relationship with God in the garden, God still alluded to the fact that man was alone when he said, “it is not good for man to be alone.” Then he fashioned a woman from him.

He was in a state of sinless perfection, but was still alone (how is that for a shocker?)

We are wired for human relationships, from cradle to grave. While you chase achievements in life, seek to connect with people too-friends, Family, neighbours, coworkers, spouse etc.

Nothing substitutes our need for human relationship. No one can survive alone.

Have you wondered how porcupines (those animals with defensive barbs that shoot at predators) reproduce? They have to withdraw their quills and mate.

I have heard people, on their death bed, regret accumulation of material things and accolades: I am yet to hear of one who regretted his or her relationship with people. It won’t happen.

Granted, human beings are weird and there can be so much hurt associated with Human relationships, (you inclusive), still, we can, as God teaches us and we yield, apply love and grace in our relationships.

Are you alone?
Step out and Connect with someone today. It will be worth it.


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