I love fruits. Bananas, oranges, water melon, pineapples, mango and I appreciate the pictures of the ones I’ve never tasted – apricots, plums, strawberries, kiwi fruit, raspberries etc.

Oh. I ate strawberries and kiwi last summer!

This week, I’m introducing a new blog series, titled: gravity, represented by an Apple.
So, now why an apple?

It’s coded! Or is it? Heh… not really.

I like apples.

Okay, you must have heard of Sir Isaac Newton. He was an English mathematician and physicist who lived from 1642-1727. The legend is that Newton discovered Gravity when he saw a falling apple while thinking about the forces of nature.

So… that’s it.

Still not got it?

Okay, I’ll not tell you the whole story yet.

Good morning, cybercitizens
Visit tomorrow for the first post.



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