Yesterday, I shared what gravity means. But is there a way out?

Good news is:

You know, it’s possible to get an object to break off the force of gravity and send it freely into space. Years of scientific research has resulted in the discovery of a parameter called escape velocity.

Escape velocity is the minimum speed an object [without propulsion] needs, to be able to escape from gravity (i.e. so that gravity will never manage to pull it back). It is the speed above which an object will never fall back to the surface of the earth.

At this speed, the object breaks free from the gravitational field and is able to soar above the surface of the earth into space – this is the mechanism used to launch rockets and satellites into space!

So there is a way to overcome gravity…

Sure, there is a way to overcome the gravity of life!
But what’s the way?

But God said a long time ago:

Isa 43:21 –  This people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise.

Even Now, He still calls us to escape this kind of life – he calls us to abundant living. He calls us to escape the oncoming destruction of their futures by plugging into LIFE in Christ.
You need to escape!

You need to rise from the realm of mediocrity and connect to the source higher than you – God – and escape the force field where sin controls, and instead live redeemed, starting clean from now!

The way out is through the SON. JESUS.

Jesus defied the laws of nature. When He was crucified, people thought that was the end of the life of that great teacher who performed miracles and claimed to be the son of God and saviour of mankind.

No! He went to the depths and got the keys of death. Then he rose to live forever!

Through Him, God made provision to free us from the power of darkness, and bring us into the kingdom of his dear Son. [Col 1:13]

Have you got the escape velocity? Have you been freed?

Have you met Him?

To be continued tomorrow


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