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We were talking about Jesus, the Son.

Here’s a story that explains what He did:

A judge was about to pass a death sentence on Bob, a man convicted of murder when a young man walks into the court and straight to the front of the judge and says, “I’ll take his place, let him go.”

The judge looks intently at the man then says, “Okay, this is my verdict: let the criminal go and let this man have his wish.”

Before he could ask why, he heard the judge’s son say ‘because I love Him’. And then walked to the dock, arms extended as if to surrender.

The cuffs were snapped off the offender’s  hands and he was let go – discharged and acquainted, as the barristers would say. Replaced by the judge’s innocent son.

Weird story, isn’t it?

It sure sounds stupid. Until you’re in the dock.

To everyone else in court, this is a ridiculous decision – they know very well that the young man in question is the judge’s only son. But to the convicted, it’s the best thing that could possibly happen.

The verdict doesn’t make sense until you’re the one about to be grilled for an offence then some judge’s son from the blues waltz into the courtroom and says he’s going to take your place. It isn’t fair except to the one standing behind the dock.

But do you know: every man that has not met Christ is in the offender’s dock.

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God – Rom 3:23
For the wages of sin is death – Rom 6:23

We sure do a lot of bad things E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y. Things your right hand would not want your left hand to know of. The sin-vault has burst beyond its seams. Since the fall of Adam.

Everyone has sinned against God and deserves death. But God [the judge] has stretched his hand to you by allowing his only begotten [the Son] to die on the cross of Calvary for your sins.

Don’t gape at how ridiculous this decision is. Take the offer and experience eternal life before it is too late.

But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. – Rom 5:8

Until you experience the salvation made available to you by Christ’s blood, you can’t imagine how beautiful it is.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.  – John 3:16

You are not far from the kingdom of God. What are you waiting for? Will you get the escape velocity?
Will you be born anew spiritually?

If yes, say this prayer:
Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for dying for my sins. The sacrifice of your life for mine is more than I can ever know. I have been living in sin all this while. Lord, I know this has to change. Please, forgive all my sins. Come and be Lord and Saviour of my life. Come and be the centre of my life. Please lead me to grow in knowing You. Thank You Jesus.

Your belief in Jesus ushers you into a whole new life. A beautiful one.

We’ll talk more tomorrow,

Author: Toluwanimi

Toluwanimi believes young people can do great things with their lives. “Give them wings; watch them soar,” He always says. He is a physician by training and a budding behavioral scientist with a keen interest in child and adolescent health and development. Having worked with teenagers for over a decade, he loves to study and practice evidenced-based methods of inspiring positive behavioral change. His current project, GrandHeights, aims to provide resources and mentorship connections that inspire and empower young people to realize their life’s full potential despite negative circumstances around them. He plans to develop an establishment that will conduct research, develop effective strategies that will impart hope, empowerment, and refuge for youth and families in at-risk situations. He also believes creativity can be a transformative tool and through his start-up, Missionary Creatives, he helps nonprofits tell their stories and develop strategies to drive growth.

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