I love beautiful things.

While things can be beautiful in themselves, we add value by embellishing. We improve what is and beautify what’s not.


Wrapping. Make up. Icing. Interior decoration.
Whatever you call it- the centre point is to beautify.

Add a silver wrapper and ribbon to that book and it becomes a beautiful gift.

I see in my world, the ease with which people embellish their bodies and environment. No one needs to be told the colour and value added to us.

A colorful scarf, a nice watch, an earring or a well plaited hair can turn around a bland face.

A Mixture of colourful drapes and ribbons, dressed table and chairs, lights and soft music can turn a hall to a beautiful reception venue.

While we have no problems with embellishing our bodies and environment, bear in mind that it is more pertinent to beautify our soul and spirit.

Now, I can almost see you frowning.

Yes. Beautify your spirit with a progressive communion with God. Set fire to your spirit man.Soar. Get wisdom for life from God.

Beautify your soul with good knowledge. Build up your intellect. Go on an adventure. Make friends.  Read books. Engage in fruitful human relationships. Travel. Write.

Whatever you do, ensure a holistic building. Just ensure that you stick to the profitable embellishment-  body, soul and spirit. And be balanced.

You’re young- this is the time to grow. What else would you do if your don’t sprout – build strength to be a sturdy tree that will bear fruits?


our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace:”
Psalm 144:12

The result of a truly happy and growing generation is “Sons vigorous and tall as growing plants and Daughters of graceful beauty like the pillars of a palace wall.”

Happy Sunday and new week, friends,


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