HeirWalk is four today.
The first post, “preserved for you” was posted today, four years ago.
As I look back in time, and reflect on how far I have come, I realize that HeirWalk is still a blog. With 92 followers and few commenters and likers. I haven’t yet reached the peak. No bestsellers yet. No media interviews or library/publisher book signings. Not that this is my focus… I just love to write and see words touch one heart at a time.
But I can say that I have learnt a lot.
Donut is purely a result of my life. It’s clear to me that my Muse wants me to be a testimony of whatever I churn out to the public, because the most empowering force is a testimonial life.
There are articles that remained in my draft box and those posts that made it out to the world. Most times, it was lonely on the blog. I longed for the days where there will be a number of likes and comments on the post than the days where no one responds to my post. I have learnt that in all, I must continue to live and write, faithfully pouring my life out on paper or screen irrespective of the number of hits on my site. Comforting to know is that the number of people who comment or like my post are not as many as those who are blessed but do not hit the like or comment button.

I have learnt that you don’t jump into God’s purpose for your life. You grow into it. God is not so much interested in the doing as he is in the being. SO he forges you through the works as well as forge his work ahead through you. But his focus is you.

He’s more interested in you learning patience in a post you write by his inspiration as well as you writing the post to bless one or two or three thousand readers.

Because you don’t jump into purpose, you had better not haste in this journey. Pay attention to your personal walk with God and focus on diligently obeying the revealed will of God for your life, while waiting for that which is to come. The in-between days matter A LOT.

What makes me happy is knowing that someone is blessed. Someone will make a right choice based on what he or she has learnt from my blog or post or book.

Making impact isn’t about wishing. I do not have to wish that people like my post. It’s pure waste of time wishing that someone would comment. It’s childish refreshing your wall so often to see if someone has responded to your blog. Just spend that time living well and writing well and leave it at that.

Someone touched will respond.

And one day, you will turn pro – you will find what others find difficult to do, easy. When that day comes, bask in the delight. But remember, as a pro, you’re in great danger of becoming a mediocre. So you see, as soon as someone labels you or you find that you are turning pro, you’ve got to stand up from “pro” and move on!

There are many things I have learnt on this journey as a writer and as a sojourner on the Heir Walk. And as I learn, grow and shine, I will share with you faithfully.

Above all, I say , “Glory be to God.” Better days are coming.
Celebrate with me!


3 replies on “Celebrate with me!

  1. “What makes me happy is knowing that
    someone is blessed. Someone will make
    a right choice based on what he or she
    has learnt from my blog or post or
    book” That’s so real! Josh,you are a role model; a blessing! More grace

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  2. Be proud of what you have. It’s beautiful and doing its work! This post is a reminder to me that we should shine our light, irrespective of the intensity of it compared to somebody else’s. Yours is just as important. 🙂

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