My Oct-Dec bucket list


According to my post “beautify” of October 18 on the HeirWalk blog, I’m set to beautify my soul with beneficial knowledge as I wind up 2015.

The Bible inclusive, good books have been one of my greatest influences.


Here’s my autumn/winter bucket list:

-Life on Purpose for graduates: devotional
-Dignity of manhood: Gbile Akanni
-Do hard things: Alex and Brett Harris
-Gadzooks!: Paul J. Batura
-Jesus Freaks: dc talk and the voice of the matyrs
-Raising a modern day knight:Robert Lewis
-No more two: Gbile Akanni
-The Lord’s prayer: Selwyn Hughes
-Alpha questions of life:  Nicky Gumbel
-Ready to wed: Dr Greg and Erin Smalley
-Experiencing LeaderShift:  Don cousins

What are you reading?
Care to share?

Cheers, Toluwanimi


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