Pilots fly planes.

They are thoroughly trained, frequently retested and are dedicated to the flying business without distractions.

Drivers ride cars.

Most drivers are inadequately trained, never retested and are heavily distracted (phones, grooming, food, etc)

More crashes and fatalities occur on cars than in planes all year round. And if there is a problem, there is more time/distance to react and save lives in a plane (hundreds and thousand of miles/hours) than in a car (a few feet/seconds).

Annual statistics show that before one plane crashes, over 8,000 car crashes would have occurred.

Yet, people are afraid to be on planes.

Truth is, you most certainly are safer on a plane than driving to the airport.

Practice safe driving safely!


P.S.: Maybe you should also take some thought to how you live – When Jesus takes the wheel, you can never crash.



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