Today is thanksgiving, a national holiday in the USA. Many people have travelled home to be with family. Millions of turkeys are being baked for the huge family dinners. And shoppers are preparing for black Friday rush.

For some weeks, I have been silently thinking and compiling a list of what I’m thankful for.

Life has happened – challenges that have tried to cloud my horizon. But my reason for thankfulness dates back to the day I was born.

So I will share it with you today. Maybe you will be encouraged to make your own. Even if you don’t celebrate thanksgiving in your country, take this moment to find reasons to be grateful.


In spite of the challenges that happen (and will continue to happen) in everyday life, I am thankful for…

Life: I am alive. And not just existing – I am living. I am not merely surviving but I am thriving. My relationship with God and the challenges and triumphs of everyday life has made my life into so great an adventure that I excitedly peel the bed covers out of my face each morning to live. Because of the victory I have in Jesus, I can scale any height.

Love: God has shown me boundless love. And He has also put wonderful people my way to love me and teach me what it means to love. And now, I’m thankful for that lady that came into my life at exactly the right time, who epitomizes love in person. And we are growing together. Now I won’t stop loving her till the sun stops shining.

Family: You don’t get to choose your immediate and extended family – but you can be thankful for them. In the peculiarities of each individual family, I am thankful to have hailed from the Babarinde and Afolabi loins.

Education: I’m glad I went to school. And I learnt how to read and write. I would have missed a lot on life if I was illiterate. Despite education’s perks and cons, I’m glad I can make informed choices.

Guessing Penalties: In life, like medical school exams, guessing is a costly game. But I’m thankful for guessing penalties. At least, they do check me and can bump me back on track when I made stupid decisions. I am thankful for pain sensations that warn us of brewing danger.

Writing: Words are beautiful. And I am thankful God made me a wordsmith. It’s been a great one year of sharing Donut with teenagers. I’m happy for all that has happened and I am excited at the future! Yay!

Health: I am not a weak guy. I will not be!

The future: It’s brightens with hope.

Nigeria: My home country. Since I was little, I have prayed for peace. May we have good leaders and a changed mindset.

United States of America: Though the believing world discards you entirely as atheistic or secular, I have seen great acts of faith, courage and patriotism like nowhere else. There is hope, and it is coming.

You: Yes, I thank God for you, my friends, readers, supporters and well wishers. I am optimistic that you are being blessed by everything I churn out on media. I am looking forward to hearing your success stories too.

There are many reasons to be thankful for, these only are a kickstarter…

Now, as I wrote in earlier posts, life isn’t perfect. There will be challenges ahead. But it helps to remember the past triumphs God has seen you through and use that as a booster of faith in him to do even more! God bless you!

This song rings in my heart today:

When I think of the goodness of Jesus

And all He has done for me

My very soul shall shout Hallelujah

Praise God for saving me

Happy Thanksgiving,


P. S. I’m thankful for turkeys.

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