It’s Christmas time.

Back in Nigeria, my home country, in my growing-up years, we weren’t so much exposed to sophisticated concepts like gift stockings hung at the fireplace or presents under the decorated tree on Christmas morning, save in the books we read.

Nevertheless, we understood what it means to give. And expect gifts at Christmas. We looked forward to new dresses and the sumptuous meals we would eat on Christmas. We also enjoyed the gift of family and friends that came to visit.

Yes. Every one thinks about gifts, in one way or the other. Across most cultures, the hallmark of Christmas is GIVING.

Well, it’s not surprising, because Christmas itself is the story of God’s gift to mankind. And that gift-Jesus – is the gift that keeps on giving.

When someone allows Jesus into his or her life, He comes in to transform the entire life. He forgives their sin, reconciles them back to God. And walks with them thorough life, straightening out their paths and leading them (according to Psalm 32:8), in the way we should go, and guiding them with his eye.

As they grow in their knowledge and fellowship with God, trusting and obeying His lead, He makes their lives an exciting exciting adventure. He daily loads them with benefit and makes them a blessing to others around them.

Simply, He touches very aspect of their lives till they are fully developed in Him. That’s the gift that keeps on giving.

As you do what you’re used to at Christmas or try new things, remember the greatest gift that keeps on giving. The best you can do is to connect to Jesus, and immerse yourself daily and fully into His life as you move into 2016 with renewed vigor.

He’s always near.



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