choicesSometimes I can handle it.

Other days, I can’t.

Many years have passed since I graduated from secondary school, but whenever I get news about the people with whom I once shared a class, I can’t ward off the nostalgia.

Yesterday’s choices have produced today’s headlines.

I am overwhelmed with joy when I hear of those who have bagged their degrees, relocated to other countries for good reasons, or those that have carved a niche for themselves in the corporate world. A few are married and many more getting ready for the big day. Some have opened businesses and are doing well in life. Others are taking giant strides in life’s uncharted terrain, desiring to be a positive influence.

Although, for reasons of time and distance, we are not all in communication, I say a prayer in my heart for all of them, as I marvel at the beauty of life: we meet to part and part to meet.

Amidst the celebration of these sojourners, there exists some heart-wrenching stories of those who have taken wrong steps and fallen on their faces.

While we emerged from various backgrounds, we all came to a phase I call the “age of validation,” where each one tries to make sense of his or her life experiences, adopt a reality which determines what path to follow in life.

We made our choices. And you know, “to choose a path is to choose its reward already.”

I do not regret the choice I have made.

And as I live one day at a time, I will keep choosing to live by faith, to pursue God and the enjoy the adventure of a life lived on purpose.

Still, today’s choices make tomorrow’s headlines.

What do you choose today?

Can you share with me in the comments below, how past choices have shaped your present life (good or bad) and what choices you are making today to get a better tomorrow?


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