Hello friend,
Happy Sunday.
As I write this post, I am not sitting relaxed in my recliner. I am squatting before my laptop itching to get this article across to you!
This post is about a retrogressive force many writers, visionaries, students, professionals – every one who wants to fulfill purpose and do something great – face.
And it doesn’t matter whether you are freshly starting or you are a veteran, if you really want to fulfill God’s purpose in all aspect of your human endeavors, this post will resonate with you.
You have paid your dues – spent time to craft that piece, write that novel, lead that group, plan that great project, climbed that spiritual or intellectual pedestal – and you have achieved a feat. You are happy to have made that huge impact on others and made someone smile wherever you are…
You would think that after you take your first step into purpose, resistance backs off.
As you step out in faith to do great things with your life, resistance kick back at you. It’s like a force that awakens with each defeat.
It would begin to persuade you to settle for second level mediocrity. In your spiritual growth, it says, “slow down, pal.” It would whisper to you, “Maybe, you’ve done enough.” It would keep working at preventing you from releasing your next book, he will stage an obstacle that would try to stop you from climbing that next height in your career or ministry.
It would try to talk you out of setting out to that next project. It also serenades you out of honing your craft, learning and getting better. In every endeavor, it’s always against the next best thing…
and the next… and the next…
The higher you go, the greater resistance you face. It doesn’t matter what you do – it’s going to fight hard to push you back into nowhere land where potentially great minds lament over “If I hads”.
Good news – You have been enabled to fight back hard!
You can always rely on the time-tested principles of courage, diligence and complete faith in God. Resistance is like a mountain… and it can be moved. You can push back and beat it every single time.
But we must keep going in the direction that we are now headed. Philippians 3:16 (CEV)
Don’t settle for less than the best and eternally significant. Just keep going in that good direction you are headed.
Resistance never gives up. NEITHER SHOULD YOU!
Kindly Shoot me comments on what resistance is doing to you… and How you are fighting back!

I wish you a wonderful New Week,


2 replies on “Fighting Resistance

  1. Resistance has practically gotten me to the stage where I’m almost satisfied with everything i currently have and scared to try something new, finish current projects and all. How I’m fighting back? I got an accountability partner..

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