Ten years after I first learnt to play the guitar in my local church’s music school, I bought my first guitar – a Fender FA100 acoustic – today.

Now, this is awkward.

Though I am surrounded by friends and family who immensely love music, I never really explored that channel of art since childhood. Get it right – I love music and I love to worship in song (FYI – I was in children choir!), but I never did well with music, especially the instruments. I’ve tried the keyboard. I’ve tried the bass guitar. The harmonica, flute and drums. But I cannot boast of being able to play any. I guess I do not have what it takes.

But I have seen beautiful music produced by friends and family over the years – my childhood best friend loves music and plays the keyboard. My brother plays drums. Many of my medical school colleagues play music. The illustrator of my book, Donut plays the guitar. I can keep talking about others… but me – I have turned up empty-handed.

I should just give up, right?

Maybe not. Maybe I just haven’t put my mind and resources to it. I’ve been immensely involved in writing and art since I can remember, but music was always that other nice thing I admired from afar.

Until now. #Drumrolls 

Sure, I am no music prodigy. And I am very busy. I sometimes, tell myself that I’m tone deaf (it’s not true!). BUT in spite of this, I will find time to learn to play the guitar. Is this not the time of my life to try things, and explore the world?

YES! Way to go, Joshua!

Well, I do not aim to be the next guitar strumming superstar.

But I want to be able to sit under the moonlight, beside the fireplace or somewhere surreal and strum the guitar, and play sweet music to my wife and children. I want to be able to teach youth in church how to play the guitar and present songs at events. There are endless possibilities to the usefulness of my interest in the guitar, for myself and others.

I want to worship God with an instrument, like King David. So I bought a modest guitar for a start. It might be a bit difficult, because of all other things that have been programmed into my typical day…but I will do it!


Well…here it is, live. Music lovers, advice me!

I’m telling you so you can watch me venture into this lovely thing, learn, and grow and shine, music-wise. #wink

Then you can also be encouraged to pick up something you’ve been meaning to learn and go for it. Buy that Wacom Intuos tablet for your drawing. Buy that saxophone or that textbook that helps you learn computer programming. Subscribe to that Youtube lesson and be faithful with it…

Whatever it is you mean to learn, do not stop.

Go for it. You’d be glad.



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