Do you remember how you felt when you first read about Daniel and his three friends, Job, David, and Goliath or Joshua and Caleb?

I think you do.

Can you remember how you felt when it was your turn?

Maybe you rather not.

Was it easy to take the path of the trailblazers?

No. And it is because you were in real time.

It helps to remember that when Daniel faced Goliath or Daniel was dared to serve God or Joshua stuck with divine perspective, there was no historian looking over their shoulders, recording their every move for posterity. They were normal men living in real time. By faith.

This is what I mean when I use the word, Uncharted, as I talk about life.

And that is why I have not punctuated this article with references. I’d like to see this as real talk in real time. Like Daniel going into the Lion’s or David swinging a shot at Goliath or Job waiting out his misery. Right now.

Courageous living is only really exhilarating in retrospect.

Today, you are living the dream. You are taking one step at a time and following God in faith as he leads you on a life of purpose. Watch it – I said a life of purpose, not an act, or show or period of purpose.

The fulfillment of purpose is not a period of time in the spotlight. It’s the whole time. Period.

So each day matters. Each triumph, each failure, each “accident,” each person that loves or hates you – the detail of each breath you live is an ingredient in the life God’s cooked up for you.

Ah, we love the spotlights. A thespian lives for the day he or she will debut, or win an Oscar. A student longs for the day he graduates.

Yes, there are spotlight days, events and phases you can tag. There are wildernesses too which I call them milestones in the journey where you fill gas or food, relive yourself or stretch. No one camps at a milestone.

In essence, you pick victuals at the milestones. Or drop weights. So, drop the idea that a day will come when you will rest.

No. This is for life. All or none.

I’m speaking to your heart right now; God gives you peace, God gives you strength. God gives you a resilient spirit that will submit to the leading of the Holy Spirt as he guides you in the uncharted journey – your destiny.

As you put one step ahead of the other and repeat, may you not falter. May you not fall. And if you trip at any point, simply rise, “dust” and move on.



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