Thank God for home (mom’s baking) and school (biology, I think!) If you have a mom who bakes or makes pastries, and attended a good elementary school like mine, you will relate perfectly to my post today.

If not, oh well – go collect some change.

I’m kidding, alright?

It’s the baker’s yeast I want to talk about.

We all know (you should know!) that the baker’s yeast is the common name for the strains of yeast (a single-celled organism) commonly used as a leavening agent in baking bread and bakery products, where it converts the fermentable sugars present in the dough into carbon dioxide and ethanol. Summarily, yeast works it’s way through a chunk of dough and makes it rise.

So yesterday, when I read the part where Jesus was talking about the kingdom and likening it to yeast (13th chapter of doctor Luke’s first book), it made perfect sense in my imaginative mind.

God’s kingdom is like that single-celled living organism that starts remotely and works its way through the whole world. Jesus, the leader of the kingdom came as one humble manger-born child, wedged himself at the center of history and changed its course forever. A crop of discouraged blue-collar followers grew into apostles that turned the world upside down. In recent history, we see one or two missionaries tucked away among cannibal tribes come forth after a few months to years with a whole tribe of believers. Or we see a new employee turn around for better a whole department at his or her workplace (or the whole region) in a matter of months!

The kingdom is a living and breathing organism (permit me to paint that picture) that grows and works its way around the medium it finds itself. Regardless of the hostility or comfort, it is programmed to breathe and influence.

You may find that you feel tucked away in some form of obscurity or stuffed inside some hostile environment at some times in your life.


Well, let me break this –

If you are part of the kingdom, you are INTENTIONALLY tucked into that place (that job, church, school, community, posting, exam, country, that disaster, career, situation, break up etc) so that you can live and breath and work your way through, to give the fragrance of Christ. This is your sphere of influence.

You are yeast – go leaven the dough!

P.S. Delve into the scriptures: Luke 13, Matthew 5. Thinking of Yeast, that might be a nice title for a sci-fi novel! LOL! Donut is still available here

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