Here are Sure-fire nuggets for you.

A sportsman that must win focuses on his sport

and trains himself regularly. No distractions. No lazy fat. No useless diets. Slowly but steadily, he realizes his passion, enrolls in training, competes in little tournaments, gets picked for bigger ones until he is drafted into the national team or wins college sports scholarships. Then, a life of professionalism begins with its drills, lessons and victories.

Talent can only get you so far –

– maybe few pockets of victories here and there, but you will need diligence to consistently deliver. Everyday diligence. Whatever gift you have, whatever passion that drives your life – you must be trained for better. And that training mostly takes place behind the scenes.

Diligence and discipline have never been easy,

and never will be, but those are the requirements for a quality life. And people who are serious about purposeful living do not live for instant gratification. They build strong foundations that will stand the test of time. Like Paul, they train their bodies (or anything it represents to you), knowing that there is a reward ahead.* Even Jesus walked the path of purpose, learning obedience by his earthly experiences of suffering. He knew that these light afflictions will work out an eternal weight of glory.

Today and every day, fan into flames that gift of yours.

Tim Notke (I think) said, “Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard.” Exercise that spiritual sense of yours by use, the Bible says. Study the word. Bend those knees. Be instant in season. Fire up your spirit. No lazy bones. Write daily. Attend those classes. Volunteer at that organization. Practice those skills. Build those muscles (yes!) Step those feet upon new territories and trust in Christ strength to serve and impart.**

Remember, the just can only live by faith,

which means that you must commit to the word of God and the process, believing that the outcome will speak in due season.

If you didn’t understand this post, read it again.


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