If you ask me what my life-verse is, I will say, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you your heart desires.” Why?

Because of this:

March 26 2014

Few months ago, I heard one of the rare experiences of my walk with God – God spoke to me audibly. Call me crazy, but I know I heard it clearly and turned over in bed. He said “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you your heart desires”

I was ecstatic! I wanted my heart desires granted. I wanted peace and fulfillment of God’s purpose for me – I wanted to write, work to build up the lives of young people, be creative and experience the power of God. My utmost desire is to live happily, loved and guided by God in marriage and my career path.

I later discovered that those words are in Psalms 37:4. With the excitement of hearing an accurate word, I decided to study what it means to “delight.”

I figured the meaning here is to seek our happiness in God – in his being, his perfections, his friendship, his love. The fact that you seek your happiness in him will regulate your desires, so that you will be “disposed” to ask only those things that it will be proper for him to grant; and the fact that you do find your happiness in him will be a reason why he will grant your desires.

It means to keep company with God. Enjoy serving the Lord. Find happiness in the Lord.

So that’s why.

After this divine encounter, many things happened in my life that turned out to be testimonies because I held onto this word. May I never forget!

What’s your life-verse? Why?



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