Today’s teenagers are lonely, and they’re looking for connection in the wrong places. Today’s parents feel helpless, and many parents in this situation are too embarrassed to reach out for help from others. Especially if their kids are rebelling against the way they were raised.

So the gap between parents and teenagers only widens. Teens think, “My parents are stupid. They don’t understand.” Parents think, “This narcissistic little brat. I’d like to take that phone away and throw it off a cliff!”

While It is clear that wholesome growth of a child rests upon the connection between the youth and an adult, there is a growing divide between teen and adult culture. It would be silly to point fingers at one cause, because it’s a mixed bag of nuts, including extended adolescence, enabling, helicopter parenting, the influence of entertainment media, etc.

The more adult mentors who seek out young people and help them apply faith to daily life, the better.

What if teenagers had more people like coaches they could talk with about stuff? Or an uncle? A youth pastor? A best friend’s dad or mum?

What if teenagers had ALL of these mentors active in their lives?

We need to bridge this gap if we’re going to do any important work in guiding young people to meaning in life.



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