A couple of months ago, I purchased a couple of sketchbooks, a set of pencils, pens, and brushes – all I needed to create art. For some reason, the pens and brushes have sat on my desk for months, like many wonderful unfinished ideas, begging to be completed. But it’s time to go, so I’m finally joining the Inktober challenge. I’m telling you this so you can hold me accountable. After this post, I’ll stop talking about it and just do it.

My goal is not perfection, but completion, because after 31 inked sketches, I will become a better artist. After a complete first draft, I will have a completed body of work ready for the next round of editing. After a finished video, I will have one more in my portfolio. After a completed project, I will have the experience and the motivation to do more while improve on the last.

The mantra is “finished, not perfect.” When I’m done, I will fill my creative bank account with the testament of the practice of diligence and consistency.

This is my Inktober story. Join me as I’ll be sharing my 31 day journey on my Instagram @Studio1352


2 replies on “My Inktober Story

  1. Tolu, do have a rewarding time as you create during these 31 days. Yes, a completed project, no matter how less than perfect, provides experience and the drive to do more. Thanks.


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