The Impossible

The house was spick and span – Dad would be happy. She sat at on a stool and stretched her legs, satisfied with the work she had done in the house. She didn’t clean because she was coerced into doing that. In fact, she loved it when things are prim and proper.

More so, she always wanted her parents to smile. It took only few muscles to smile and some chemicals that strengthen the body are released when you smile. She wanted her parents to live strengthened and happy, so she did her chores well.

As she turned out towards the door, the dark room lit up. She thought electricity had been restored so she flicked off the switch. No. The brightness persisted and then she heard a masculine voice.


Mary was a virgin when God said she would conceive a child. That was clearly impossible by human reasoning.

I want you to top that difficult chemistry class. I want you to be a missionary. I want you to forgive Sade. What is God telling you to do? How do we respond when God asks us to do something impossible like this? Let’s learn from Mary today.

Often times, when we are overwhelmed with great responsibility in our Christian life and service, we are tempted to ask, like Mary did: How will these things be?

We feel inadequate when we compare responsibility in the light of our little abilities. But as I read through Mary’s story, I discovered that God didn’t intend to laden us with responsibility without first empowering us with the ability to do it. He doesn’t say what He doesn’t mean.

He meant for Mary to bear the Christ. He means for you to take up that great responsibility. He means for you to make better choices in your life and live sanctified.

The angel told Mary: the power of God will come upon you. That is what makes the difference. God always gives you the ability to accomplish all he asks you to do. Also, God will show you an example of someone who has passed through that situation and was empowered like was Elizabeth an example to Mary.

‘for with God, nothing will be impossible.’

In essence, it isn’t really us doing anything, it’s actually God at work in us – all He wants from us is to submit so that He can express his divinity through us. It’s not your life anyway!

Mary submitted to God, and so the world had her saviour. You may never really know how many people will be blessed or what remarkable result is tied to your obedience. [Luke 1:26-38]

What is God telling you to do? See, He has made available to power to do it. Let your response be, “Let it be to me according to your word.”

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First Temple

John 2:19, Mark 14:58
The Jews were disillusioned by him when some reported that Jesus said that he would destroy the temple and then within three days, he was going to build another made without hands. They gloried in the roman architecture, the giant pillars, the ephod-clad priests and the service-men Levites. They couldn’t hink of anything better than the disparity between the Clergy and Laity.  Direct access to God was for only selected people-priests, prophets and kings -and they loved it like that. Let God be up there (or in there – most holy place). We’ll be out here. They took Jesus’ words literarily, just like carnal men will do.
But for us, it’s a glorious statement.
Jesus was referring to his mission on earth -to restore the broken communion between man and God. And that he did on the Golgotha Cross.

The temple that was, was one with a curtain between the Most Holy place (where only the High Priest  could enter once a year) and the Holy Place (where other priests could sacrifice). Man couldn’thave direct access to God.
In your presence is fullness of Joy, David resonates (Psalm 16:11), But to the Jews, the Most Holy Place (presence) was more dreaded than admired.
But that made without hands needed not bricks or gold and the curtain was torn apart – where man had personal access to God, the father.
Jesus came to make us all Royal Priests of the Most High (1 Peter 2:9).
What they lost by obstinacy and unbelief, you got by grace – you didn’t lift a pin, did you? No one needs to bamboozle you with words or lead you astray because you have God in and upon you.
Well, except that we still get distracted by a lot of things. Deceived by the modern-day apostates.
We refuse to enter the Most Holy Place, where God sits, waiting for us. Even when we go, we carry to Him what we do not intend to leave with Him. We do not listen to his gentle voice.
I like how the gospel album, Casting Crowns, renders it:

But the waves are calling out my name. And they laugh at me; reminding me of all the times I’ve tried before and failed. The waves they keep on telling me time and time again. “Boy, you’ll never win! You’ll never win!” (Voice of Truth; 2003).

We choose to listen to the noise in our environment. We listen to the waves. We prefer what the bestsellers say about our life that what God says through his WORD. That’s why our lives have been running a chaotic course since we refuse to set it in God’s order.

Why not listen to the voice of truth. God tells you a different story. He says, “Do not be afraid, just come.” We will soar with the wings of eagles when we stop and listen to the sound of Jesus singing over us. We will become living stones for the temple made without hands, whose builder and founder is God.

The temple curtain has been torn for us to come into His presence always.

Will you listen to the voice of truth and be a part of the temple made without hands?