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It’s 3:59 am.

As I sit at my desk, I’m finding it difficult to sit still. I am about to release a second work, Volume One of Snippets – which talks about the phenomenal event that has wedged itself at history’s core and shaped it forever. It’s the Easter edition – Behind the scenes. Though many decades have gone since its events, the effect is still as fresh as ever.

Many hours have gone into this work. And without Editors and beta readers, a writer’s best work is like uncut stones. Oluwaseun Adepoju,Adewumi Aladejare Jr, Oluyomi Oloruntoba, Adeyemo Adetayo Adeoti,Osho Samuel Adetunji, Lois Oyetunji, Adegbesan Oluwakayode Michael,Ajilore Oluwatoyin, Dokedensi Uya– you cut, cut, shaped, and cut again, so that the world can enjoy this refined work. Thank you.

This is how it works: Snippets will be available on for free download soon (0.9 MB is nothing, right?). Otherwise, I can send the book to your email inbox once it comes out (just let me have your email addresses). Then you can read (it’s about 40 pages) and share.

It’s that simple.



Pray everywhere


I can talk to my wife over the phone, or along the aisle in the grocery store but I definitely need other special times where we sit side by side without distraction and talk. That is what it means to be in a relationship.

God is every where and is ready to lend an ear to anyone who cares to talk. We can talk to God every where and every time, but we need special time when we can focus one-on-one on him.

Pray where you are. But set aside some special time too for you and God.

P.s. I am not married.



Happiness (snippets)

Today, I share a line that is similar to the crux of my new book, Donut.

We all have a longing in life. We all wake up to a new day, wishing that yesterday was better than the terrible day it was. Maybe a colleague got on your nerves, your child threw a tantrum on the store, you heard that you would need to resit that exam, or your parent or loved one took ill or died.

Even pleasant experiences of yesterday fuels something in us in the New day- a resolve to go through the day again, perhaps, a hope that it will be good or better this time. So we peel the covers to face the sunrise rather than end it all in the basement.

Sadly, we face the day to chase education, reputation, career, health, salary, business, wealth and all sorts of other things- hoping that they will fill our heart with something significant. More frequently, we hit roadblocks, frustration and disappointment, even at our peak.

People chase a lot of things, but what they truly want and need is happiness. There is only little a higher figure on pay stub or a fatter bill folder can achieve. It, at best, gives a transient feeling that ends when there is a greater expenditure.

Happiness is found in fitting a square peg in a square hole.

Happiness is found in seeking the purpose for which we are created.

Happiness is what drives a wealthy American businessman when he goes on a short summer mission trip to Seirra Leone, returns to the USA, but feels his heart still beating for the poverty stricken, epidemic plagued people of the African country. He is no longer the same until he frequently finds his way back to Africa. He found happiness in putting smiles on the face of the Orphans and less privileged.

Happiness is implicated when a man leaves his lucrative carrer for a creative career which pays less, but puts more meaning in people’s lives.

Happiness is when a boy or girl finds Christ and stick to him through her youthful years, living the adventure only a heir can enjoy.

We all could use happiness. We all must find it. Or else…


Happiness is found in finding GOD and His purpose for our lives, and pursuing its fulfillment with a fervour that can only come from a heart consumed by love.

“Matthew 6:33”

Are you truly happy?


P.S. Can you share with me what changes you made in your life in the past that has shown you what happiness truly is?

Snippet: a lesson from Pilots


This morning, I am sharing with you what I just learnt about Pilots:

jet pilot

Pilots practice situational awareness. They know the position of all aircraft in their vicinity, what potential dangers they represent, and actions to be taken should the danger become reality.
How do they accomplish this? Pilots do not allow distractions. When they are flying, pilots are in the flying business period.

This makes me remember some verses I stumbled upon in my second year of university, when I first bought my Message Bible.

Keep your eyes straight ahead; ignore all sideshow distractions.
Watch your step, and the road will stretch out smooth before you.
Look neither right nor left; leave evil in the dust. Proverbs 4:25-27 [MSG]

Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given, and then sink yourself into that. Don’t be impressed with yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others.
Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life. Gal 6:4-5 [MSG]

My thought on this: Handle your life as a Pilot handles his jet.

Happy Weekend, friends.


The language of the soul

I love music. I love this question and answer session. Simply and clearly said.

At Ravi Zacharias International Ministry’s open forum at James Madison University, Ravi Zacharias and John Njoroge answers why churches are so divided when it comes to different types of music, and whether substance is truly far more important than style

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What do you think about urbanized music?

A Snippet lesson from my journal

How I wish life were that simple. How I wish God’s plans were easy to decipher – like there was some headrest screen in front of me that could give me instantaneous information on my location, speed, altitude, outside and destination temperature, distance travelled, time left to destination, time at destination and estimated time of arrival.

That would be cool! Plus a graphic interactive of where I am exactly in life.

Hmmm… that is what airlines offer during flights. I could practically rest easy and count time. It was almost exact and accurate… give or take few minutes.

Come to think of it: Isn’t that what Psalm 32:8 and Psalm 1:6 say about God? He charts our life paths! He is precise. Exact. Greater than any GPS. He wants us to come to terms with that. And believe. Only then can we experience Him.

I kept checking the screen at every jerk, rumble and turn, just to make sure all was well. It was, really. The plane track was clearly drawn [nice graphic] and all I had to do was press buttons, see clearly and check often!


Do I press heaven’s buttons in Prayer?

Do I see clearly in obedience?

Do I check often in the word?



Have a great week,


Iya mi (my mother)


What can we do without mothers in our lives? Who can we be in fact?

Read to your mummy:

The World celebrates you yearly, but you are treasured daily in our hearts…

Through all the phases you’ve stood by us,
For all our flaws you’ve cuddled and spanked
They say weakness,  I see strength!
Your touch of grace reflects in our lives today;
When they ask how possible, I say “thank God for mummy.”
May u eat d fruit of your labour, Mother!

Happy mother’s day.

N.B. Pray for donut

Babarinde Joshua Toluwanimi

What about me?

A nameless woman.

She had been afflicted with an inexplicable bleeding for twelve years. No doctor had been able to help. Her condition worsened daily. She was a rich widow, whose sickness had stripped her of her wealth. Maybe she was not a widow –maybe her husband deserted her – we would never know.

She was nameless now, her only appellation a daily reminder of her condition: the woman with the issue of blood. No one knew her real name – she wasn’t relevant to the society. Everywhere she went, people let her know she was a third class citizen, if not less.

The nature of her disease was still under study – no results yet. The scientists and doctors of her day had not come up with a cure or treatment. They could do little to help. In fact, they could do nothing. They had inspected, palpated, percussed and auscultated. No definite diagnosis. Even if they knew, there was no plan of management. Her blood, urine and stool samples did not lead them anywhere. If there was an imaging device, it picked nothing.

There was no treatment available. She had to die. She had lost hope.

Or maybe not, because when she heard that Jesus was in town, she got up, her mind making up a plan. She had to meet the man who claimed to be the Son of God – if he could help.

But there was a problem. Her condition had caused her immense shame so much that she could no longer go out. But somehow, she managed to follow the trail of footmarks, thanks to the crowd that bustled, jostled and shoved each other just to catch a glimpse of the man who said He is the Son of God – the King of Glory. They barely noticed her, save few people who quickly flinched away on seeing her, and muttered expletives at her, but she didn’t care.

She went on, taking the risk to trust Jesus. It’s worth a try, I could hear her say. She resigned like the three Hebrew children: Even if I get mocked, I will get my healing. And if I don’t, it will be worth a try.

The people bumped against each other, struggling to keep His face in their view, wanting to hear His words and to receive the miracles and healing.

She couldn’t struggle. But her determined mind thought, “if only I can touch Him.” Then she slipped through the slits between by touching bodies. Her movement might have been slow, nevertheless, progressive, and focused on the aim: to touch the hem of His robe.

Her body may be sick and weak, but her mind was strong as ever. While everyone seemed to want to see Jesus and hold His hand, she was satisfied with and believed she would receive her healing by touching the edge of Jesus’ robe.

So while others reached up, elbow to elbow with others, butting anyone that stands in the way, she stooped down and sought the hem of that seamless garment.

“Who touched me?” The Master stopped dead in His tracks.

What a ridiculous question. The disciples could not believe what they heard.

“But master, you’ve got crowds of people on our hands. Dozens have touched you.” Peter responded.

But Jesus identified a seeker’s touch, not a mistake or the touch of the vast crowd who were pressing against Him, most of whom were lost in the frenzy. It was the touch of a human, desperate to contact the divine – the touch that always made a difference.

Many people are caught up in the religious rat race. We jostle and shove and fight our way to attention, pulling others down in the process. We struggle to catch a glimpse of God’s kingdom with our activities and service in Church, but we know it’s just for the records. For the accolades men will rain on us and the reputation we would get.

The true Midas’ touch is not one motivated by excitement, not from sycophants or spectators. But it comes from the faith of the heart and the will of the mind. It is the touch of someone that seeks the King above all things.

“Someone touched me; I felt power discharging from me.” Jesus spotted a power attracting touch – the touch that alerts Heaven and gets God’s attention.


When you touch Jesus, he calls you.
She realized she could not remain hidden. You can’t remain hidden when you touch Jesus. He will want to meet with you, because He’s excited on spotting a true worshipper.

She came trembling and fell at his feet. In the presence of all the people, she told why she had touched him and how she had been instantly healed. Then he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.”

She got her physical healing, and as you would expect, the spiritual one too. Jesus wouldn’t leave her without leading her into eternal life. He would give her the full package.

The touch of only a few persons makes a difference these days. Only a purposeful touch gets Jesus’ attention. A touch from the heart and mind prepared to meet Him. Not a show off but of a humble and believing heart. Isaiah 66:2

Many would still remember the Greek mythology of King Midas, who, as a gift for his hospitality, was given the ability to turn everything he touched to gold. But this touch got Him into trouble.
But there is a touch greater than that of Midas’. It is the touch that makes an eternal difference. It is when men touch God.

Why do you seek Jesus? What makes you happy? Is it when you stand as a spectator of signs and wonders? Is it to be known as ‘he saw Jesus’ or to really know Him as a person?

Seeking God’s visitation and habitation? All you need to do is to touch God.

In our daily application of this truth, humility is a touch that draws God’s attention. An obedient spirit is a Midas’ touch. A sincere prayer is a touch that calls heaven’s attention. A diligent study of God’s Word with a mind to know God and obey Him with all you have will bring down God’s power over your life. A heart ready to live for Christ is one that touches God too.

The woman with the issue of blood came humbly. When you touch God with a humble and sincere heart, he comes after you. He looks for you and meets your greatness need with His great goodness.

Have you touched God?