Simplify your message and people will listen


Will your blood be worth it?

Hello, This is a Creative tip for writers: “Part of being a good writer is being spiritually and emotionally healthy.” Maybe for others, who write to non-humans, it doesn’t matter. But for me, And others who desire to keep writing about the deep things of life to an audience of humans, it’s the first thing…

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Do you remember how you felt when you first read about Daniel and his three friends, Job, David, and Goliath or Joshua and Caleb? I think you do. Can you remember how you felt when it was your turn? Maybe you rather not. Was it easy to take the path of the trailblazers? No. And…

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A review of Donut

Good afternoon everyone, Someone working in the Nigerian Tribune, dubbed “Nigeria’s most informative newspaper” read “Donut” and loved it. He did a review that was published in today’s newspaper (Thursday, 27/08/2015). If you can lay your hands on a copy, get, read and pass along. And if you can copy the link on their site,…

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Arrgh!!! I think I might just start building my muscles because I have a blow reserved for Joab and his brother, Abishai, if I ever meet them. Those guys are something else! Even though the sons of Zeruiah were family to king David, they always were at the fore-front of most mischief. He provably infected…

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The task before you

Hello, Are you burdened by the task before you? It seems so monumental while you seem so infinitesimal. It’s a trying situation, you feel left behind in the race and stuck in the rut. One option is to throw your hands in the air and resign to defeat. Another option is to #trust. Don’t be…

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